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Welcome to PepLifestyle, a modern and chic Travel, decor & lifestyle blog site tailored for Millennials and Gen Z.

You may have been searching for the right way to decorate your new home or looking for fresh gift ideas for your partner—these are just a couple of possible reasons you got there. Now, let us tell you why you should stay here. is a home decor guide, travel guide ( Europe & Australia), and fashion blog site created by Div & Manny, driven by one common aim — living our best lives.

Our team has many Experts -Some of us are experts in the home decor and Travel industry, some of us are Realtors & Car Buying Experts, and some are just dreamers who can spend days and nights searching for new trends, Fashion & Beauty secrets, and inspiration to share with modern ladies & Young Adults.

One day in 2020, our passion for getting the most out of our lives brought us together, and we created a place where every woman and man could find a Home decor solution, a Travel hack, Gift inspiration, and a House or car Buying Tip.

Your GOTO place for HOME Decor Guide, Travel Guide( Europe & Australia) , Road Trip Guide & Gifts and Lifestyle.

As we’ve learned since PEP Lifestyle’s inception in 2020, most individuals have numerous hats to wear.

  • 🌐 Our Top Audience: Mostly Millennials & Gen Z Women & men in various stages of adulting( also GENZ age group), Travel Enthusiasts( Both Millennial Men & women), Home decor & Road trip Lovers.
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We are here to PEP your life with heaps of lifestyle ideas and Product reviews … – Div and Manny

Hello there!

My name is Div, and my partner and I enjoy being lifestyle bloggers.

Hence, we want to share our joy and interests with as many people as we can.

Just sayin….. oops!!

We enjoy writing about our love for 🪞home decor, Road trip guides, ✈️Travel blogs both international (we love travelling from Melbourne to Europe) and local (especially the Gold Coast, Sydney, and living in Melbourne), 🏡 house Staging & selling tips and guides from our own experiences, plus expert advice, 🎁gift ideas for all occasions, 👗travel fashion, and much more.

👉🏻We are Not Real Estate guys , but we have bought/constructed houses in the last 10 years in Australia and know in & Out of House buying /selling.

👉🏻We are not car dealers, but we have bought and sold luxury cars, + We flip cars.

👉🏻We aren’t interior designers, but we understand the importance of creating an interior that gives a sense of solace from the outside world.

👉🏻We aren’t a “Mummy/daddy Blog,” but we have stories about parenting.

👉🏻We aren’t a fashion site, but we want your outer personal style to reflect the inner you..

You get the point !!

😎We make up for all these above with life experience , trial and error and reviews by the real experts in the field .

🥰We’re here to share our experiences, build a sense of community, and help people in different stages of becoming adults.

😍We tell stories that we not only want to hear but that we need to hear.


Div Acharya and Manny Acharya

Pep Millennial Couple & Bloggers

I’m DivEntrepreneur, Influencer, Blogger, Marketer & Fashionista

My partner Manny and I  love being lifestyle bloggers.

We  LOVE home decor, fashion, Gift Ideas of all kinds, traveling (especially RVing across Australia with our pet), house staging to sell tips, and a good road trip guide. Hence, we want to share our joy and interests with as many people as we can.

It’s very important that we follow guidelines that make me accountable to our readers and the regulatory bodies that oversee consumer protection.

(On a side note, the Regulatory Body workout is totally not like the Beach Body workout…just saying)  

Div Acharya & Manny Acharya- Melbourne, Australia

Life is a Journey…

From infant to toddler to adolescent to adult, middle-aged to elderly,

In our blogs, we delve into various stages of adulthood and their purchasing needs.

Well, as adults, we buy a lot of things. Period!! …But, House buying( to live or to invest) and car Buying are the most expensive and also the most important phases in our lives.

Next, after purchasing your dream home, decorating your home is your next step… Well, as I said Life is a beautiful journey and a series of events happening in our lives…

In our PEP lifestyle Blogs, we intend to help you with these Phases of your adulthood with our Highly Information Loaded blogs and support you live a life well lived.

We offer tips, Info and a Guide to Buying/selling a house, Buying/selling a car, Home Decor, Travel, Gift Ideas for all occasions.. and much more…

Buying or selling a home, buying or selling a car, decorating your home (be it an apartment or a suburban home with a big yard), traveling (international and local travel), fashion, and the lifestyle…

Our expertise in Blogging

Ash Vohra with family
Our Family xx

Dealing with Adult Child Loss

On Friday, September 3, 2021, my family’s life changed when we lost our beloved daughter (23 yo), Ash. Ash took her own life, she was battling her mental illness ( she was Bipolar & Borderline personality disorder).) Ash was a beautiful young girl doing her bachelor’s in Science( Swinburne University) and living in an apartment with her Partner in Melbourne City. She was also a lifestyle blogger who worked on many of our blogs.

Saying goodbye to Ash was difficult, but the days, weeks, and months that will follow will be even more difficult, as we navigate grief, adjust to living without an important member of the family, and make decisions regarding her ashes. This is why we as a family, have created blogs to deal with the death of an adult child, to provide practical advice and emotional comfort for those dealing with adult child loss.

Div & Manny
Loving Parents of Ash

About Author:Jill Wright

Jill is an Avid traveller herself and a Travel Advisor Specializing in Fully Customized Travel throughout Europe & North America, based in Wilder, Tennessee. This is Where Fantasy Happens!

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Jill Wright Jill is an Avid traveller herself and a Travel Advisor Specializing in Fully Customized Travel throughout Europe & North America, based in Wilder, Tennessee. This is Where Fantasy Happens!

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