A Comprehensive List Of Mini Cooper Pros And Cons

A comprehensive list of MINI Cooper Pros and Cons – Mini cooper Buying Advice

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Do you want to buy a Mini Cooper?

 Thanks to its attractive nature, incredible pace, and intense drifting, the small Luxury car is a hit with motor heads. Is it true that Mini Coopers are decent cars?

We Purchased Mini Cooper Convertible R57 In 2019.

Since then we have been in Love with the car.

Check it out for yourself by weighing the benefits and drawbacks

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What Is a MINI?

So, what exactly is a MINI? It’s a small economy car known for its speed, intense drifting, and distinctive appearance. Various types of 

MINI cars have existed over the last few decades, but their popularity has soared due to their near-universal availability, distinctive appearance, and racecar-like nature.

BMW’s MINI brand is known for producing some of the most successful small cars.

Although Cooper is the most well-known model, MINI also offers a variety of other vehicles.

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Mini Cooper Advantages 

Why are you even considering purchasing this vehicle? 

Is there something that sets it apart from other related models? Let’s take a look:

  • It’s a fast lil go-kart and smiles for days driving it hard
  • Styling is timeless on the older less bulky models
  • Parking is easy when you drive a car the size of a golf cart
  • Excellent on fuel because weight/power ratio
  • Pretty easy to bolt on some decent mods like reduction pulleys, ICs, plugs, etc and get a nice little bump in power with minimal effort.
  • Handles like it’s on effin… rails, full stop. I’ve never felt so confident throwing a car hard at corners.
  • Fun to drive especially in sport mode, with powerful steering but light weight and fantastic grip

    The car’s interior is of exceptional quality, and driving it is an experience unlike any other I’ve had in automobiles of this calibre (VW Golf, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra)

    Great fuel economy; I get 60+mpg cruising down the highway and 55.8mpg on average with more varied driving, and this is with no effort on my part to drive like an eco warrior. 

    Very good level of service with the warranty – BMW emergency roadside cover included for the duration of the cars warranty. 

    11.Much more practical than you might expect; with the seats folded down, I can fit my road bike in the back without much difficulty (front wheel removed), and I’ve also taken camping vacations where I fit a tent, table and chairs and a week’s groceries in just fine. 

    12.Mini’s iDrive infotainment system is known for its high quality because it is owned by BMW (great nav system, high resolution screen, play Spotify from your phone etc.)

  • As a result, a flat loading bay can be created by raising the boot’s floor.
  • I’m sure you could get even better mileage if you were so inclined. Road tax is just $50 each year.Buying or leasing a car is not as expensive as many people think. 
  • You can get a courtesy car of equal or greater standard if you have any mechanical issues (the EGR valve needed replaced in my car), and it was brought to my work the day after I took the car to the shop and I had it for around three weeks at no expense (the required part was on back order)
  • Powerful for a car of this size, with 170 horsepower and 7.4 seconds to 60 miles per hour (it also pulls strongly at highway speeds of 70 or more). When handled with care, the engine runs quietly and smoothly.

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Lots of Good Fun Riding MINI Cooper

A Mini Cooper is hard to beat if you’re not looking for a regular driver but still want to have fun. 

They’re entertaining to drive, particularly in sport mode. 

Despite having heavy steering, you’ll be shocked at how quickly they can accelerate and make sharp turns. 

Drivers will enjoy a pleasant road trip thanks to the excellent grip and lightweight feel.

Furthermore, the compact structure allows them to be parked almost anywhere

Powerful Engine

The Cooper’s engine power will take you by surprise.

A car this small can produce up to 170 horsepower! 

It can also accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7.4 seconds. 

The engine’s quiet running and smooth handling will impress you.

Get a One-of-a-Kind Look

How thrilling does it sound to be able to customise your car’s colours and features? 

Mini gives their customers the choice of buying a personalised car from a variety of models. 

Simply select a model from their website and continue customizing your dream car by selecting the paint, interior, engine, wheels, technical features, and a few other choices.

It means that two Mini cars, despite being the same model, can be completely different.

With regards to maintenance, it is not too demanding.

Is it costly to maintain a Mini Cooper? – this is a concern that many aspiring owners have. 

The response is a resounding no. It, unlike most other vehicles, does not require routine maintenance or oil changes every few months.

 Maintenance or oil changes should be done every two years. If the warranty is still valid, you can also take it to the dealership for these facilities. 

BMW backs up its warranty with excellent service, including emergency roadside assistance.

Relatively affordable.

If you choose not to get any options, this can be a very affordable car to buy. 

Granted, having some of the neater options are nice, they are not required.

Nice Interior And Features

 Nothing about the Mini Cooper feels cheap.

So, it needless to say that the interior and all other technical features will be top-notch. 

The infotainment system – which used BMW’s iDrive system – can compete with tons of other big name models.

Easy to park:

The small size of these vehicles makes them easier to park in cramped spaces. 

This is something to keep in mind if you live in a city where parking is a problem.

Decent Gas Mileage:

The car runs on premium gas, which costs good money, but it offers a decent fuel economy. 

Despite driving it for the daily commute, you may need to fill up the tank only once a month.

Lucrative Resale Value:

Mini Cooper resale value is high. If you take good care of it and there is no major problem with any part, it is possible to clinch good money on the sale.

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Mini Cooper Cons:

The pros definitely weigh down the cons in this list of Mini Cooper pros and cons. But, better safe than sorry.

The car can be expensive because it uses premium fuel.

Choosing a customized look also pushes the price point up by a substantial margin. Ours was heavily loaded ( loaded with extra features , I mean), so we had to pay Extra $15K than a normal Mini Cooper Convertible.

 Are Mini Coopers expensive to fix? Yes, especially when the warranty expires.

The engine runs quietly when you are gentle with the driving. But, motorway speeds make the car quite noisy. 

Also, acceleration contributes to more thumping down into the road.

Mini dealerships are quite hard to find. It could be an hour or two drive if you are lucky.

Yes, in Melbourne we have just TWO of them in the city area. None in the suburbs.

 Many people have to drive for hours to go to the designated dealership.

The problem is most local garages are not familiar with Mini mechanisms.

They may miss critical issues and do more harm than good.

Well, it may not be a downside but you have to admit that Cooper is a small  Luxury car.

You should not purchase it if you need space.

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  • It’s a tiny car. It’s cute at first, but try to fit more than one person in for a trip and the size will be irritating.
  • Maintenance if done yourself is a headache, they are small and parts are tightly packed in.
  • Maintenance if done by a professional is really expensive – see ‘tightly packed’ above. Labour and parts will gut your wallet.
  • Quirks of some poor design will pop up, such as famous timing chain guides, coolant reservoir leaks, and other gremlins.
  • The ride is firm, and the car can “Thunk” into the road while travelling at highway speeds over larger bumps.

    Road noise is noticeable at high speeds because to the car’s somewhat vertical windscreen and big wing mirrors, which are likely to be a contributing factor. However, you have to expect this when you buy a Mini, because it’s a small car.Since my EGR valve had to be replaced after only 10,000 miles, I’m unsure of the car’s long-term durability. It’s a fantastic vehicle, and I’m extremely pleased with it!

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Common MINI Cooper Problems

The MINI Cooper is a reasonably reliable car, but it is not without flaws.

Here are a few that are commonly seen.

Clutch Failure:

With the first and second-generation MINI Coopers, this was a fairly common issue. 

Hard driving is the most common cause, and it can happen as early as 20,000 miles.

Transmission Failure:

The automatic transmission in the first generation vehicles was infamous for failing on a regular basis. 

BMW was forced to deliver a transmission warranty as a result of a lawsuit. 

The policy will protect you for eight years or 150,000 miles, whichever came first.

Water Pump and Thermostat Housing Leak:

On the first two generations of MINIs, the water pump leakage was a fairly normal occurrence. 

They were often replaced after 50,000 miles.

Plastic was used for the thermostat housing in the second generation models. Over time, this will naturally degrade.

Problems with Radiator Support:

The radiator support is made of plastic and is mounted on the front of the car in a low position. 

It’s very fragile and can be hurt if you park too close to a low kerb.

Problems with Electric Power Steering Pumps:

The electric power steering pumps were susceptible to failure, prompting BMW to issue a recall. 

Low power steering fluid or a malfunctioning electric cooling fan were the key causes of the problem.

My Personal Experience Buying a MINI

I’d like to share some of my own MINI buying experience with you, just to give you an idea of what I went through.

This car had been on my wish list for a long time. Before deciding to purchase one, I did a lot of research. 

I had to visit Two dealerships In Melbourne City before I was able to buy my vehicle.

But now I was the proud owner of a MINI Cooper Convertible S .

It is Flawless beauty.  

We call her Hope. It’s been almost 2 Years now that we had this car.

Did you know, you will name your MINI No matter what?

let us know whats your MINI name?

When weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the Mini Cooper, some people can become disinterested after measuring the astronomical costs. 

But, no matter what, the fans adore it. Furthermore, a large number of people would prefer the excitement of the road to extra costs.

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My Personal Experience Buying a MINI

To give you an idea of what I went through when I purchased a MINI, I’d like to share a little bit of my own experience shopping for one.

We live in Melbourne , Australia and there are only 2 Showrooms that sell Mini Coopers.

I was now the proud owner of a MINI. There were a few minor problems that I came across when using it. 

There was nothing seriously wrong with the vehicle, and there was no reason to take it back to the shop. 

After a few years, I did take it to a nearby shop to have the oil changed and to have a small problem looked at.

Unfortunately, they were not successful in fixing it.

I took it in to my dealership not too long ago to have complete maintenance performed on it, as well as to have certain problems checked out. 

Due to the unfortunate fact that it was going to take more than a day, I was offered a rental car and told that I would need to return it the next day. 

When I visited the following day, it was still incomplete when I got there.

The car maintenance pretty much ate up two days of my time, but it was money well spent in the end.

There was an oil leak, which is supposedly a typical problem in MINIs, but for some reason, they did not inform customers of this or issue a recall. 

It would have rendered the vehicle inoperable if it had been disregarded, especially considering the fact that the local repair shop did not locate it. 

In addition, there were some recalls, but for some unknown reason, I was never informed about them.

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