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As per the well-known interior designers and design schools using long Body mirrors is ALWAYS a awesome idea, so that’s what I’d learned. 

A beautiful Long Body Mirror not only enhances the appearance of your decorations and photos, but it also opens up and expands your  Bedroom area.

We can all agree that long Body Mirrors seem beautiful, but the price of half of them doesn’t look as pretty…Body Mirrors  were shockingly costly while I was looking for My home . For whatever reason, I hadn’t given much thought to it before to furnishing my house.

Instead of buying an expensive one, I scoured thrift stores for an inexpensive hallway tables and used gold rub and buff to give it a “expensive” finish. However, Hallway tables are now quite inexpensive thanks to a slew of new manufacturers.

If you want to brighten and extend your Body Mirror  on a budget Or you want an expensive one, these stunning yet low-cost Long Body Mirrors are perfect for you.

Naomi Home Framed Bevel Leaner Mirror

Love it. We are remodelling I bought this for the walk in closet. And could not be happier. Came in perfect condition. Defiantly the most bang for your buck at the price. I did take a photo of the grain that is not solid like I thought.

This is a VERSATILE DESIGN - it's Because this mirror can be positioned in a variety of locations and positions, it is suitable for any type room. It has a Classy LOOK - The mirror's basic and modern design lends it a sophisticated appearance, making it an ideal accent piece for any room. and comes with ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Crafted with a robust faux wooden frame, this mirror is not only beautiful, but also long-lasting.

Coaster Home Furnishings Beveled Frame Floor Mirror Dark Cappuccino

This mirror is so pretty and tall. So glad I decided on this one. It matches my bedroom colors perfectly. It is a little on the heavy side so its kinda hard to move around but its still doable

Yes , That's right. Function and fashion to a casual space. This floor mirror delivers an ideal angle for reflection as well as a stylish décor accent. You can enjoy a bold, dark cappuccino finish frame with a back support. Its beveled frame adds a dimensional effect and artistic appeal. You can Place this exceptional cool mirror in your bedroom or living area.

LAIYA Full Length Mirror

Very happy with the way this mirror came packaged. Plenty of foam and protective plastic to prevent from breaking. It looks amazing. Easy to install with provided anchors. Just wished it would have brought a paper template for the holes on the wall.

That is very impressive. We had a mirror that was only for our upper bodies, and this one fit perfectly in its place with almost no modifications required. It has an Intelligent:Body sensing system, which turns on the light when it is close to the mirror. This mirror has Smart Touch, which allows you to adjust the brightness as needed. A sophisticated appearance that is also safe for your hands.

Floor Mirror/Standing Mirror

Best purchase I have made on Amazon! Packaging was top notch, mirror came super CLEAN and secure. My mirror has not fogged up yet and I have received so many compliments! I have had the mirror for a month, and have not had to clean it yet!! Mirror does not have to be installed, unless you want to mount it to the chalk, abs it super sturdy!!

First and foremost, I must say that I am impressed with how this mirror was packaged, as I fully expected it to have some sort of damage due to its size. The mirror looks great in our closet, and my wife is thrilled to have a full-length mirror for the first time. I have not yet hung it, so I cannot comment on the quality of the mounting holes on the back of the mirror. The glass appears to be free of blemishes and inconsistencies, and the metal frame appears to be in excellent condition.

HOWOFURN Full Length Mirror

I researched a zillion mirrors until I found this one. Perfect to hang on wall or back of door (or stand alone). Glass is not distorted! Arrived unbroken! Love it.

The hallway console table's smooth and flat top is simple to clean with a moist or dry cloth. Quick shipping is ensured by Amazon fulfilment. You won't have to worry about missing or broken parts because of excellent customer service. If you have any questions, please contact service using the email address listed in the handbook.

BEAUTYPEAK Full Length Mirror

Nice quality, not too bulky yet well made. Just what I was looking for for our living room, the special edge design also gives the mirror a premium look. Great value for the money.

Good quality, not too bulky, and well-made. The special edge design gives the mirror a premium look, which is exactly what I was looking for for our living room. Excellent value for money. A specular size mirror, not too high or too wide, is required. I spent a significant amount of time comparing mirrors and locating a good deal. I ordered this one and ended up keeping it. This mirror is crystal clear and of high quality. The edge is smooth, and the colour is appealing to me. It's not too heavy and stands firm. I'm glad I purchased this mirror. Everything lived up to my expectations. Recommended!

Beauty4U Full Length Mirror Wall Mounted

This Mirror is of Excellent Craftsmanship: I highly recommend it! They look fantastic! These mirrors are fantastic. This mirror met all of my expectations. It's visually appealing and provides a clear image. Excellent mirror! Simple to set up. It looks fantastic. Nice quality for the price, and most importantly, it's a real mirror, so your reflection is accurate and not distorted.

QiMH Vertical , Wall Mounted and LED Lighted Mirror

My wife loves this mirror, got it up on the wall and she could not be happier. My only issue was with the installation instructions. They gave you a bunch of hardware and some very basic instructions that did not really tell you what part or how to properly mount the mirror.

This mirror is fantastic! Very well-made and sturdy. Even when the light is turned off, it looks sleek and cool. To turn it on, there's a nice rocker switch. Great bright white light, but not so bright that it is difficult to see through. The light coming from the front helps to avoid the shadows that overhead lighting would cast. This size is ideal for a full-length mirror. Now I want more for our bathroom vanities, but they need to be different sizes.

Powell Furniture Powell Mission Oak Cheval Mirror

Looks as good as it did in the pictures

If you are looking fora wooden framed mirror, then this one is for you. The woodwork is lovely. This looks great; the wood (veneer?) appears natural and well-stained.

Full Length Mirror, Openuye ,Vanity Mirror

Great looking mirror and a good value! I bought two of these 70”x30” mirrors for each side of my bed behind the nightstands.

A nice-looking mirror at a reasonable price! Full Length Floor Mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally to suit your needs. This mirror is very simple to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth, water, or window cleaner. This beautiful morden mirror will look elegant wherever you choose to put it, whether in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom.
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